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MOD:// Update

     Okay guys, I know that none of the MODs have been around, our lovely maintainer hasn't really been either. Green Day has been in and out of the news, with stuff like "The Saints are Coming" with U2, but dissapeared as quickly as they came. Thus, leaving nobody here at st__jimmy to really have a point.
Yet we continue to get new applications on a regular baisis.

     So, there's a point to this post.

     New Applicants: Due to the delay in response, I may allow or reject you baised on what I feel your answers say about you as a fan, considering we do not have much activeness, however, if you are allowed in, please uphold what I am trying to accomplish, and participatein the community.

     Current Members: Hey Guys! Long time no see. Which is the whole point. We really need you guys to post, to participate in discussions given, and to just generally post. We're not saying to completely spam the entire community, we just would like some activity. Check and try contests, discuss in discussions. Just be the community we love!

     MODs and Maintainers: Due to the lack of general interest, I'm going to be reseting the Privacy level for anywhere between a week, to a month. Just so people who run by, see what we're all about. If you have a problem with this, feel free to take it up with me, starting with a comment.

     Any questions, comments, ideas, concerns, or anything of the sort, leave a comment, and I'll be happy to respond.

     In the mean time, later days,



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